Market Sector
Concrete floors form a significant area of any commercial/industrial structure and a lot of investment goes into making strong concrete floors. Despite this, it is often the most neglected and abused part of the structure. The mechanical abuse, heavy traffic/loads, spillages of various kinds of chemicals, oils, lubricants etc often weaken the reinforcement and concrete surface. Floor Coatings are gaining wider acceptance due to increasing awareness of the limitations and drawbacks of concrete floors.

Floor coatings impart –
  • Increased durability & strength
  • Abrasion and Impact Resistance
  • Enhanced chemical resistance
  • Increased slip resistance & fire resistance
  • Increased impermeability to liquids
  • Clean and aesthetically appealing working environment
Our "EXLFLOOR" coating systems are hard wearing, abrasion resistant, slip resistant and available in wide range of attractive colors. They have excellent mechanical properties and provide floors that are tough and long lasting.

Floor Coating
Asset protection is increasingly becoming critical owing to rising asset costs, very high replacement and maintenance costs, harsh weather conditions and mounting chemical pollution. Therefore asset owners are looking at specialized protective coatings specific to their requirements. Our marine & protective coatings have been developed to deliver proven performance, value and environmentally responsible solutions to satisfy our customers' needs.

Marine &Protective Coatings from Excel are tested under extreme conditions to ensure that they are durable and can withstand the vagaries of the different climatic conditions. Today the range of coatings find use across diverse industries such as infrastructure, power plants, chemical, petrochemical or fertilizer plants, refineries, off.shore structures, marine industry etc.

We endeavor to supply products and services to the highest international standards through a process of continuous improvement.

Marine Coating
Excel's industrial coatings protect products made from steel, aluminium, cast iron, FRP etc.

Our quick drying enamels and stoving enamels are used extensively in various OEM industries such as scaffolding, farm equipment, structural maintenance and auto ancillary etc.

We also supply high performance coatings and water based single pack baking enamels for protection of industrial valves, pumps, farm equipment, cranes etc.

Industrial Coating