Quality Control
In our Quality Control department we carry out operational techniques and activities that sustain the quality of our products to satisfy the given requirements.

It consists of quality planning, data collection, data analysis, and implementation, and is applicable to all phases of the product life cycle: design, development, manufacturing, delivery and installation, and operation and maintenance.
Quality Control
R & D Division
Research & Development
Albert Einstein once said "If we knew what we were doing it wouldn't be research". What it rightly means is that apart from the monotony , there are still many more unconquered territories and phenomenon's which are yet to be discovered.

We at Excel India Protective Paints Pvt. Ltd firmly believe in the above theory. In this industry of paints there are still many more products which can be developed. Paints has a huge scope of development in Indian as well as Foreign market.

To allow this budding process we have developed a totally dedicated "Research & Development" team at our Badlapur plant. The aim of this team is to research on new products and better technologies to manufacture paints at the same time develop the existing products of the company. R&D is a continuous process which pays rich dividends in the future.